Postponement FAQs

Q: What is the status of DeviceTalks in-person events?

A: We’ve already begin working on next year’s events. We’ll start off with our DeviceTalks Minnesota meeting on May 4-5. If you’d like to be involved with any of our meetings please contact Tom Salemi, Editorial Director, at


Q: With the cancellation events like DeviceTalks, what are my options for meeting my organization’s 2020 sales, marketing, branding and education goals.

 A: We’re happy to offer two new opportunities.

In addition to advertising in our industry-leading publications – MassDevice and Medical Design and Outsourcing, you also have the option to be part of our growing DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast. Each episode features interviews and accounts from many of the industry leaders that we enjoy hosting at our DeviceTalks meetings. As of July, we’ve had over 10,000 people listen to our podcasts since we launched it in March.

If you have a story to tell more directly, please inquire about DeviceTalks Tuesdays, a series of online conferences hosted by Editorial Director Tom Salemi.


Q: What is DeviceTalks Tuesdays? 

A: DeviceTalks Tuesdays was created to replicate our on-stage discussions. Each week we interview executives, entrepreneurs and other medtech leaders.

Our sponsors work closely with our DeviceTalks team to craft a session that best suits their needs and tells their story.

We’ve had two thousand people register for our interactive online discussions. Attendees represent most major medical device makers as well as Google, Amazon and other organizations interested in the medical device industry. Our sponsors will receive detailed contact information on each registration.

Please contact Tom Salemi if you’d like to continue to find the right partners, connections and customers.


Q: How do you select guests for the DeviceTalks Weekly podcast?

A: Podcast guests are chosen to speak to important news, issues or trends of the day. We’re always looking for new voices to reach our medtech listeners.  If you’d like to appear on an upcoming show, reach out to Tom Salemi. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.