Collisions of Value

05 Jun 2019
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Collisions of Value

The concept of creating “collisions of value” is about high-potential start-up companies interacting with valuable partners along their journey. These companies could be large strategic partners, payers, OEMs, investors and more. “Collisions of value” can be planned or serendipitous.

Planned collisions include a formal email introduction or a business development director reaching out to mentor a start-up on how to get funded. It could be a start-up’s presentation to an industry group that sparks interest from a scout sitting in the audience.

Serendipitous collisions are similar interactions that happen more by chance — not by luck. This type of collision happens by putting yourself in the right place at the right time, and being fortunate enough to meet a new mentor or potential investor. Participating in an industry event where the world’s experts in a niche market gather, listening to a few of them speak, and then introducing your start-up to the speaker to get their reaction to the value propositions you are building into your business model is a great way to sharpen an entrepreneur’s tools.

Serendipity is an important ingredient in the success of any new technology’s path to market. There is an air of collaboration in the Boston Healthcare Ecosystem that is unique. Everyone is willing to make an introduction to a friend that needs help, an executive looking for that next role in their career, or investor who is searching for that next shiny new development project to get behind.

During this session and pitch round, MPR will provide real-world examples of how these “collisions” have resulted in mutually beneficial partnerships. Then, in part two, start-ups will present elevator pitches specifically aimed at creating partnerships with strategics.

Companies Pitching include

  1. 149 Medical
  2. Kneesio
  3. DeepLook

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