MassMEDIC IGNITE Startup Showcase

06 Jun 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

MassMEDIC IGNITE Startup Showcase

MassMEDIC is delighted to announce the MassMEDIC IGNITE 2019 Cohort. After a rigorous review process by the Steering Committee, 16 medtech founders were selected to participate in this year’s IGNITE program. At DeviceTalks Boston, attendees will hear from these founders as they pitch their technologies in the MassMEDIC IGNITE Startup Showcase.

1. Natalie Artzi, BioDevek: Biodevek is focusing on the design of the next-generation adhesive materials to prevent leakage after internal surgeries, or for topical applications.

2. Yue Shao, Buy Time Medical: We are developing a medical cooling device to rapidly induce therapeutic hypothermia treatment into cardiac arrest patients to protect key organs’ (e.g. brain and heart) from warm ischemia and reduce early and late reperfusion injury after blood flow resumes. Our device can be carried and used on ambulance to cool patients before they arrive hospital and it takes less than 20 mins to achieve hypothermia.

3. Zhifei Ge, Cam Med: We are developing a subcutaneous drug delivery platform, offering a miniaturized, flexible, low-cost and actively controllable patch pump. We are targeting indications that require multiple injections.

4. Souvik Paul, CathBuddy, Inc.: The CathBuddy system consists of an RFID-tagged reusable intermittent catheter with a lifetime of 100 uses, an insertion kit that allows for touch-less insertion of the catheter into the urethra, and a catheter sterilizer that uses clinical-grade UV-C technology to thoroughly sterilize up to 6 used catheters and insertion aids to a 10^-6 sterilization assurance level.

5. Subhrangshu Datta, CompanionMX: We are a health technology company with a vision to ensure no one ever has a mental health related episode (e.g., suicidal, manic episode resulting in hospitalization, depression episode resulting in loss of work productivity) ever again. To get there we have developed Companion, a clinically validated digital vital sign for mental health that has been proven to enable clinicians to monitor patients remotely, predict the onset of mental health episodes 2 weeks in advance, triage care and proactively intervene to improve outcomes. Reimbursable through existing CPT codes, our solution will be integrated in the provider’s digital experience to ensure seamless use and billing.

6. Sarah Kalil, CoreMap: CoreMap is seeking to develop and commercialize a high resolution cardiac electrophysiology mapping system to map atrial fibrillation (~33M patients) and enable patient-specific curative ablation therapy.

7. Mohan Thanikachalam, MD, Dynocardia, Inc: We have developed a new method to measure blood pressure and first-of-its kind, wearable, continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology to address current limitations in blood pressure monitoring in hospitals and in outpatient management of hypertension (high blood pressure).

8. Azadeh Khanichech, Ph.D., EnVision Endoscopy: We are developing a novel endoscopic suturing device for tissue approximation and closure of large gastrointestinal (GI) defects to address the clinical unmet needs in endoscopic surgery.

9. Denise Valenti, IMMAD, LLC: IMMAD uses simple virtual goggles, a smartphone and Bluetooth response button to determine marijuana induced vision loss and is to be used roadside by law enforcement. Harm to the public from marijuana impaired driving is a public health concern. The death rate to pedestrians has increased in those states with legal adult use of marijuana. Technology that enable the police to better protect the public are needed. IMMAD is such a public health technology.

10. Yan Luo, MotionPal: Over 10 million people in the US undergo physical therapy (PT) every year. However, many PT outpatients are dissatisfied with their experiences: over 20% drop out after 3 visits and 30% cannot follow the prescribed exercises due to insufficient communication between therapists and patients outside of appointments. Our patent-pending solution revolutionizes PT with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI engine generates quantitative reports on exercises performed by patients at home and patients receive instant feedback on exercise compliance. Therapists review the reports and provide instructions for patients to follow at home, bridging the communication gap outside of office appointments. By enhancing user experiences, our solution provides value-added services that can help clinics reduce dropouts and improve patient outcomes.

11. Ida Pavlichenko, PionEar Technologies: PionEar Technologies, a startup company emerging from the Wyss Institute for Bioinspired Engineering, aims to advance the treatment of ear infections with minimally invasive ear tube implants that reduce biofouling and enable drug transport into the middle ear. The PionEar team is utilizing a novel technology from the Aizenberg lab to develop a new generation of customizable ear tubes based on biocompatible materials that prevent cells, microbes, and biofluids from sticking to the surface, and provides a friction-free conduit for a more effective resolution of infection and targeted drug delivery to treat a broad spectrum of ear diseases.

12. Peter Palomaki, QLED Cures: Oral mucositis (mouth sores) is a painful and costly side-effect of radiation and chemotherapy treatments which often result in delayed cancer treatment schedules and very poor quality of life. Our technology will change the paradigm for light-based treatments by providing a flexible, wearable, disposable technology that can accomplish the same treatments as laser and LED systems but without the equipment and personnel that is currently required. This will open the door to new treatment modalities which will result in broad adoption of light-based treatments in many different medical fields including oral medicine, wounds, and dermatology. QLEDCures is an NSF-funded company developing the next-generation of light-emitting materials that will fundamentally change the way light is used in the treatment of medical conditions.

13. Ed Goluch and Nicholas Cadirov, QSM Diagnostics: We are developing a rapid POC diagnostic to limit the overuse of antibiotics.

14. Louise MacDonald, SANOSTEC: Our disposable nasal device technology immediately relieves anatomical nasal obstruction by stenting the nasal airway open and maximizing airflow, while delivering therapeutic menthol and CBD blended essential oils (natural anti-inflammatory and vasodilating properties) into the nasal airway. This new combination technology enables physicians to confidently recommend a fast, effortless, symptom and sleep relief solution to 29M patients. (This is a newly patented product extension of a line of products that are currently in commercial sales throughout US and CA.)

15. Tony Mulone, Signati Medical Inc.: Signati Medical, Inc. is a medical device startup that was founded in 2018 to commercialize a new, patented vasectomy technique while capitalizing on a growing vasectomy market. Our technique, the Sealed Vasectomy Procedure (SVP), offers men a rapid, reliable, less invasive and less expensive alternative to conventional vasectomies.

16. Jayon Wang, X-CORE Therapeutics: Invasive Mechanical Ventilation is traumatic, outdated and an ineffective method for treating hypercarbia stemming from COPD, ARDS and other acute respiratory failure. X-COR is the first low-flow extracorporeal CO2 removal system to utilize dialysis-level blood flows to treat hypercarbia and target early-extubation or intubation-avoidance for patients.