What To Do When Things Go Sideways

Tuesday, October 10; 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Speakers: Jeff Champagne, Director, Business Development, MPR Product Development
Eric Claude, VP, Product Development, MPR Product Development
Ryan Downs, VP, Partner, MPR Product Development

Everyone wants product development projects to go smoothly and predictably, but sometimes the best laid plans do not work out as expected. When needed technologies do not easily integrate, tough hardware or software bugs crop up, or failures happen in the field, forward progress is stalled. This is when “things go sideways.” Join us to talk about how to turn projects around and get back on track. Root cause analysis, forensics engineering, cultural clashes, letters from the FDA, product development process improvement and technology failures will be discussed at length with subject matter experts. In this interactive session you can share your war stories, ask those tough questions and teach/ learn how to recover from the worst that can happen.