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Here’s the view from the top at Hologic

Steve MacMillan took over as CEO of Hologic in 2013, drawing on his experience at medtech titans like Stryker and Johnson & Johnson. Read more >>

DeviceTalks Boston: 5 medtech startups you need to know

From an individually tailored intra-corneal implant to an improved heart pump for open-heart surgery to new exoskeleton technology, there was a variety of medtech to check out during MassMEDIC’s recent Medtech Showcase. Read more >>

DeviceTalks: Hologic CEO MacMillan on leading a turnaround and the importance of women’s health in medtech

Stephen MacMillan joined a struggling Hologic as CEO in December 2013, and within one day, he had already made his first major move in restructuring the company’s executive leadership team. Read more >>

7 medtech ideas out of Europe

Mobile and digital health ideas — and overall medtech innovation ideas — abound in Europe, with DeviceTalks Boston attendees getting just a sampling this morning from seven CRAASH Barcelona participants. Read more >>

When product development goes sideways (and how to fix it)

Product development going wrong? You may need a tiger team. Read more >>

How strong patent portfolios attract strategic investments and deals

Amassing strong patent portfolios helps medical device companies attract interest from strategic investors and potential acquirers. Read more >>

Lessons learned: How Jeff Karp stays at the forefront of innovation

Serial entrepreneur Jeff Karp has a philosophy for his laboratory: find important problems and get solutions to people quickly. Read more >>