DeviceTalks Boston 2019 Agenda

*Timing and session topics are subject to change

Day 1
04 Jun 2019
Day 2
05 Jun 2019
Day 3
06 Jun 2019

Keynote: David Knapp, VP of R&D – Boston Scientific

Medtech research and development expert David Knapp will share how he has worked to address unmet clinical needs across divisions at Boston Scientific.
David Knapp

How Lean Product Development Can Accelerate Time to Market

Do your product development programs launch on time? Do late stage-discoveries increase your time to market and create budget issues? Lean Product Development (LPD) can transform your approach to product design and achieve predictable performance in your development pipeline. This interactive session will provide an overview of how Viant uses LPD to improve customers’ time to market. We’ll explain key elements of LPD and walk through an example of how set-based design accelerates the product development cycle and lowers the total cost. Sponsored by:
Don Welling

One of Your Biocompatibility Endpoints Has Failed. What Now?

A complete biocompatibility evaluation profile is an essential step in gaining regulatory approval of your new medical device. What happens when you find out that the device your company is riding on fails a biocompatibility endpoint evaluation? How could this happen? What are you to do next? Not every failure is real. Not every failure is relevant. Not every failure is the end of the line. Every failure, however, must be addressed and how you address it could be worse than the failure itself. Sponsored by:
Laurence Lister

Healthcare Robotics: A Spotlight on Massachusetts

Leaders from Massachusetts-based healthcare robotics groups discuss the latest technology and their visions for the future of the field.
Gregory Fischer
Todd Usen
Doug Teany

“How We Built This” – Abbott’s LVAD Portfolio

Get an inside look into the development of Abbott’s LVAD portfolio with VP of R&D, Kevin Bourque.
Rob Evans
Meg Grabar
Kevin Bourque

The State of Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry – How do we mitigate the risk of vulnerable Medical Devices and Systems in the Healthcare sector?

Cyberspace connectivity of computers and devices on the Internet of Things pervade nearly every aspect of healthcare. What needs to be done to stop the onslaught of malicious cyber criminals from causing devastation and disruption to our healthcare infrastructure? This talk will point out the unique challenges’ of implementing effective cybersecurity in our hospital networks and will identify proven techniques to bolster medical device safety and security. Sponsored by:
Martin Nappi

Rightsizing Your Development Strategy

What is a Minimally Viable Product (MVP)? How does it apply in the Medtech space? Is your goal to secure funding, gain clinical evidence, or update an existing product? Not all paths to commercialization look the same. This interactive session with experts in product development and innovation will cover how structuring a tailored development strategy for your device can help you gain critical insights early, spend limited development budget wisely and accelerate time to market. We will discuss several different real-world development programs and how the approaches varied to optimize quality, time and cost. Sponsored by:
Breck Petrillo
Joe Dobkin
Melissa Bowley

MassMEDIC Startup Showcase

A Massachusetts medtech tradition for more than two decades, the MassMEDIC MedTech Showcase is an annual coming out party for startups in the local medtech ecosystem. In part one of the Showcase, we’ll highlight 15 startup companies selected by our internal panel of judges will give five minute pitches on why their technologies will have an impact on healthcare. Companies Featured: Advanced Silicon Group (ASG) Diva Technologies Inc eMotionRx Inc EYEnexo Invisio Medsix Inc Reboot Medical SIGNUM a digital informed consent system Walkky

How We Built This: Akili Interactive

Head of R&D at Akili Interactive, Jason Trees, explores how the Mass.-based medtech company has developed digital medical treatments delivered through video game experiences.
Jason Trees

Collisions of Value

The concept of creating “collisions of value” is about high-potential start-up companies interacting with valuable partners along their journey. These companies could be large strategic partners, payers, OEMs, investors and more. “Collisions of value” can be planned or serendipitous. Planned collisions include a formal email introduction or a business development director reaching out to mentor a start-up on how to get funded. It could be a start-up’s presentation to an industry group that sparks interest from a scout sitting in the audience. Serendipitous collisions are similar interactions that happen more by chance — not by luck. This type of collision...
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Jeff Champagne

Hot Topics: M&A, IP, and Products Liability Trends Impacting MedTech

M&A trends from the perspective of both acquirer and seller IP protection is key to a successful exit Products liability litigation – what every medtech company needs to know Sponsored by:
Evan C. Holden
Alex De Winter
Trevor J. Chaplick
David Dykeman
Dr. Omar Amirana
Jeff Mann

Keynote: Shacey Petrovic, President & CEO – Insulet

In a live interview, Insulet’s president and CEO, Shacey Petrovic, will share lessons learned from her career in medtech and provide insights about Insulet’s tubeless Omnipod Insulin Management System.
Shacey Petrovic

Keynote: Scott Whitaker, President & CEO – AdvaMed

In a live interview, AdvaMed president & CEO Scott Whitaker will provide a glimpse into what’s ahead for the medical device industry in 2019.
Scott Whitaker

Improv Conceptual Development to First in Humans Workshop

In this session, the audience will be guided through the first few steps of conceptual development on a novel medical device. Through brainstorming and collaborative concept building, we will explore the decision making process for coming up with a novel device and then walk through the many considerations that must be made in order to use this device on humans. Guided by leadership from MPR Product Development and Halloran Consulting Group, we will create something new and discuss best practices in human factors and risk management strategies. Sponsored by:
Jeff Champagne

MassMEDIC IGNITE Startup Showcase

MassMEDIC is delighted to announce the MassMEDIC IGNITE 2019 Cohort. After a rigorous review process by the Steering Committee, 16 medtech founders were selected to participate in this year’s IGNITE program. At DeviceTalks Boston, attendees will hear from these founders as they pitch their technologies in the MassMEDIC IGNITE Startup Showcase. 1. Natalie Artzi, BioDevek: Biodevek is focusing on the design of the next-generation adhesive materials to prevent leakage after internal surgeries, or for topical applications. 2. Yue Shao, Buy Time Medical: We are developing a medical cooling device to rapidly induce therapeutic hypothermia treatment into cardiac arrest patients to...
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Keynote: Dan Wetmore, Director of Clinical & Research Partnerships – CTRL-labs

Recent advances in medical technology have radically improved the ability to diagnose disorders, overcome physical handicaps, and provide new paradigms for disability access. However, significant needs remain in neurology and physiotherapy, as well as for expanded access to prosthetics and other means of human machine control. CTRL-labs has developed a noninvasive neural interface supported by machine learning that will empower medical partners to explore unprecedented clinical solutions in their field. In this discussion, Director of Clinical & Research Partnership Dan Wetmore outlines the future of medical devices and the need to embrace nascent technologies that can revolutionize patient care.
Dan Wetmore

Building Devices for Cancer Detection & Treatment

Engineers and product development pros from local medical device companies will share the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in building devices for cancer detection and treatment. Get an inside look into the companies that are shaping the way cancer will be diagnosed and treated in the years to come.
Chelsea Dugan
Del R. Lawson, Ph.D
Dr. David Strasfeld

Getting to the Market: Global Healthcare

To get a product to the market, medical device companies need to employ strategies that are realistic based upon the needs, resources and infrastructure of the marketplace. In this discussion, panelists will share their own experiences navigating healthcare systems outside of the U.S.
Kristian R. Olson MD, MPH, DTM&H
Wisam Breegi
James Fox
Marissa Fayer

Navigating Medtech’s Digital Transformation

As our lives have become centered around wearable and wireless technology, the medtech industry has followed suit, adapting devices to conform with the digital era. Panelists will share how they’ve developed technologies that can thrive in a connected, user-centered world.
Martin Nappi
Teresa Prego
Paul Schultz
Venk Varadan
Frank McGillin

Getting to the Market: Strategizing with Key Medtech Leaders

To get a product to the patient, medtech companies first have to navigate a tangled web comprised of design processes, testing requirements, regulations and reimbursement. Panelists will share their own experiences of bringing an idea through the device development process and ultimately to the market.
Scott T. Bluni
Andrew Calabrese
Holly Sheffield
Vicki Anastasi
Jaclyn Lautz

Protecting Innovations in Combination Products and Digital Therapies

Converging technologies like combination products and digital therapies heighten the complexities in obtaining full patent protection and optimizing portfolios. Industry professionals will discuss these technologies and best practices to develop and leverage assets. Sponsored by:
Jeremy Bond
Adam Poulin-Kerstien
Bill Shaw
Tim McAnulty
Eric Raciti

Medical Device Entrepreneurship: Entering the World of Real-World Data

Extraordinary technical capability, extensive IP portfolio, endless applications – the decision to enter the medical device industry, as told by entrepreneurs. And now that we are here, using the technology to gather key real world data – why it matters, who cares, and the disruptive potential of wearable sensors and the data they yield. Sponsored by:
Ben Schlatka
Arthur H. Combs, MD