DeviceTalks Boston 2019 Agenda

*Timing and session topics are subject to change

Day 1
05 Jun 2019
Day 2
06 Jun 2019

Keynote: David Knapp, VP of R&D – Boston Scientific

Medtech research and development expert David Knapp will share how he he has worked to address unmet clinical needs across divisions at Boston Scientific.
David Knapp

One of Your Biocompatibility Endpoints Has Failed. What Now? (Sponsored by Toxikon)

A complete biocompatibility evaluation profile is an essential step in gaining regulatory approval of your new medical device. What happens when you find out that the device your company is riding on fails a biocompatibility endpoint evaluation? How could this happen? What are you to do next? Not every failure is real. Not every failure is relevant. Not every failure is the end of the line. Every failure, however, must be addressed and how you address it could be worse than the failure itself. (Sponsored by Toxikon)

“How We Built This” – Abbott’s LVAD Portfolio

Get an inside look into the development of Abbott’s LVAD portfolio with VP of R&D, Kevin Bourque.

“How We Built This”

Get an inside look into the development of a device from a major medtech company, guided by that group’s engineering and commercialization team.

Keynote: Shacey Petrovic, President & CEO – Insulet

In a live interview, Insulet’s president and CEO, Shacey Petrovic, will share lessons learned from her career in medtech and provide insights about Insulet’s tubeless Omnipod Insulin Management System.
Shacey Petrovic

Keynote: Scott Whitaker, President & CEO – AdvaMed

In a live interview, AdvaMed president & CEO Scott Whitaker will provide a glimpse into what’s ahead for the medical device industry in 2019.
Scott Whitaker

Navigating Medtech’s Digital Transformation

As our lives have become centered around wearable and wireless technology, the medtech industry has followed suit, adapting devices to conform with the digital era. Panelists will share how they’ve developed technologies that can thrive in a connected, user-centered world.

Getting to the Market: Strategizing with Key Medtech Leaders

To get a product to the patient, medtech companies first have to navigate a tangled web comprised of design processes, testing requirements, regulations and reimbursement. Panelists will share their own experiences of bringing an idea through the device development process and ultimately to the market.
Marissa Fayer

Keynote: Dan Wetmore, Director of Clinical & Research Partnerships – CTRL-labs

Recent advances in medical technology have radically improved the ability to diagnose disorders, overcome physical handicaps, and provide new paradigms for disability access. However, significant needs remain in neurology and physiotherapy, as well as for expanded access to prosthetics and other means of human machine control. CTRL-labs has developed a noninvasive neural interface supported by machine learning that will empower medical partners to explore unprecedented clinical solutions in their field. In this discussion, Director of Clinical & Research Partnership Dan Wetmore outlines the future of medical devices and the need to embrace nascent technologies that can revolutionize patient care.
Dan Wetmore

Building Devices for Cancer Detection & Treatment

Engineers and product development pros from local medical device companies will share the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in building devices for cancer detection and treatment. Get an inside look into the companies that are shaping the way cancer will be diagnosed and treated in the years to come.

Getting to the Market: Global Healthcare

To get a product to the market, medical device companies need to employ strategies that are realistic based upon the needs, resources and infrastructure of the marketplace. In this discussion, panelists will share their own experiences navigating healthcare systems outside of the U.S.